Winegrowers and
enthusiasts since 1890

Générations après générations, notre famille a toujours été habitée par l'Esprit du Vin et de la Vigne : notre Champagne est le fruit d'une Passion et d'un Terroir à la nature si singulière...


The care we bring to the vineyard and the passion for our terroir continue in our cellars.
Our philosophy is to allow the wine to express itself, so that it can tell the whole story of the soil from which it comes from. To achieve this, we place great emphasis on every step and ensure that the wine is well cared for.

Story telling

In 1890, when the vast majority of the Champagne grapes were bought by the big houses, three winegrowing friends in Verzenay decided to retain part of their harvest to start their own winemaking. One of them was Gaston Henriet, my great-grandfather the Champagne Henriet was born!


The expression of the grapes varies a lot, and it can be based on different factors:  the exposure, the altitude, the gradient of the hillside, the type of soil and the work on the vine. The chalky subsoil is covered by surficial formations which are guiding our choices of planting, but also influences the sensory expression of the grape varieties.

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