Grand Cru & Premier Cru

The care we bring to the vineyard and the passion for our terroir continue in our cellars.

Our philosophy is to allow the wine to express itself, so that it can tell the whole story of the soil from which it comes from. To achieve this, we place great emphasis on every step and ensure that the wine is well cared for. Each plot is harvested by hand once we decide that the grapes have reached maturity. During the pressing the juice flows gently, without being pumped, into to the tanks. Gravity helps to transport it there. But it also plays an important role in the clarification process, as our long settling period of more than 24 hours makes any additional filtration unnecessary. This peace of mind allows the aromas to be expressed to their full potential.

Next, our wine rests on its own sediments for almost 9 months within one of our 27 total enamel vats. This period of calm lets the wine reveal all the complexity, balance and elegance of the plots from which it is derived.

Then, we are deciding how to blend villages, vineyards, plots, old vines or the youngest vines, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or Meunier and the various vintages to allow their personality to express themselves fully in beautiful wines that we do not dose too much, so that they reveal the best of our history.

Sélection de parcelles

As a genuine illustration of our estate, the "Sélection de Parcelles” cuvée combines the sensual minerality of the Chardonnay Premier Cru from Villers-Marmery with the elegant power of the Pinot Noir Grand Cru from Verzenay and Verzy


Blanc de Blancs

Vinified as a homage to the exceptional Chardonnays grown on pure chalk from the Montagne de Reims, this single vintage Blanc de Blancs expresses all the freshness and the minerality specific to our Premier Cru plots in Villers-Marmery.

Blanc de Noirs

Made only with Pinot Noir, this Champagne evokes the power and fullness of the fruity aromas that our Grand-Cru plots of Verzenay and Verzy produce with a wonderful elegance.

Carte Or

This cuvee has been named after the first vintage elaborated by Gaston Henriet in 1890. By blending Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, this Champagne evokes today the best of the alliance between our 3 villages combined with the uniqueness of climatic conditions from one single year.



Grand Cru

The perfect expression of the fruity and elegant aromas of our Grand-Cru plots in Verzenay and Verzy, this blended Rosé contains a good proportion of red wine vinified in our cellars for a wine rich in colour and aromas.