Brut Nature

Vintage 2009

This vintage blend  Chardonnay Premier Cru from Villers-Marmery with Pinot Noir Grand Cru from Verzy that unique weather conditions have exhilareted. Minerality, purety, heat and a long aging are combining to offer a rare cuvée from the nature.


TerroirMontage de reims
VillageVillers Marmey - Verzenay - Verzy
ClassementPremier Cru
Grape variety
40% Chardonnay - 60% Pinot Noir
Sub-soilPure chalk & gravel of pure chalk
SoilSilt & alluviums
OrientationHalf slopes, East & North-East
Work of the soil
Natural grass cover & plow
Harvest2009 for 100% Vintage
ElevageIn bottles, 8 years on the lies in our cellar
DosageBrut nature 0gr/l