Carte Or

This cuvee has been named after the first vintage elaborated by Gaston Henriet in 1896.  By blending Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, this Champagne evokes the style complex and évoluated of the champagne of the past, combined with the elegance of our terroirs.


TerroirMontage de reims
VillageVillers Marmey - Verzenay - Verzy
ClassementPremier Cru
Grape variety
50% Chardonnay - 50% Pinot Noir
Parcelles50% Chardonnay - 50% Pinot Noir
Sub-soilPure chalk & gravel of pure chalk
SoilSilt & alluviums
OrientationHalf slopes, East & North-East
Work of the soil
Natural grass cover & plow
Harvest2010 for 100% Vintage
Elevagein bottles, 7 years on the lies in our cellar
DosageBrut 7 gr/l