our Terroir

he expression of the grapes varies a lot, and it can be based on different factors:  the exposure, the altitude, the gradient of the hillside, the type of soil and the work on the vine. The chalky subsoil is covered by surficial formations which are guiding our choices of planting, but also influences the sensory expression of the grape varieties.

Champagne counts for 33 000 hectares of vineyards spread over 5 departments and is divided into 4 large wine regions. It is made up of 319 villages, called Crus. Among them, 17 are classified Grands-Crus and 44 Premiers Crus.

We manage and have full ownership of 7.75 hectares of vineyards, 6 hectares of which (35 plots) are spread over the northeast flank of the Montagne de Reims and 1.75 hectares in the Ardre Valley.

Our operation is historically located on the Montagne de Reims and our vines are spread between Verzenay and Verzy, classified Grand Cru and Villers-Marmery, classified Premier Cru.


Grand Cru

2,5 hectares - 9 plots
Pinot Noir : 2 ha
Chardonnay : 1/2 ha

Exposure : North, North-East

Nestled at the bottom of the hill, between two headlands supporting the lighthouse and the mill, Verzenay offers 415 hectares of Grand Cru, its slopes gently rolling towards the plain.

Exposed to the north, east and northeast, the vineyard is planted predominantly with Pinot Noir.

The soft white chalk, sometimes flush, is topped with deposits of silt, grindstone pebbles and sandy soil in the central part of the vineyard.

The wines are structured, very fruity, characterized by the power and resonance of their aftertaste. They offer a nice sustain, coating and volume on the palate.

Enjoy our champagnes from the vineyards of Verzenay


Grand Cru

1 hectare - 7 plots
Chardonnay : 0.15 ha
Pinot Noir : 0.85 ha

Exposure : East, North-East

As famous for its Grand Cru Champagnes as for its forest of twisted beeches, Verzy is nestled in the bottom of a valley on the edge of the woods.

Exposed to the north and east, the vines are mostly represented by Pinot Noir. Wide open to the plain, the vineyard of 406 hectares sits on chalk mingled with sandy soil and, on its eastern side, muddy silt.

The wines reveal a beautiful fruity elegance, well balanced with a floral delicacy. The length on the palate is also much appreciated.

Enjoy our champagnes from the vineyards of Verzy


Premier Cru

2,75 hectares - 18 plots
Chardonnay : 2,75 ha

Exposure : East, South-East

It is in this village where we would be pleased to welcome you. Classified Premier Cru, it is located on the eastern tip of the Montagne de Reims. Its 243 hectares of vines exposed mainly to the east are the exception to the regional regulation for this wine sector, since 98% of the territory is planted with Chardonnay.

The chalky and gravelly soils offer straight, floral wines with a rare chalk tension. When the chalk is topped with deposits of silt or brown clay, the wines are denser, fuller and spicier, with a delicate salinity.

This abundance of plots and micro terroirs offer us high quality aromas accentuated in our blended wines, our vintages and our single-grape varieties.

Enjoy our champagnes from the vineyards of Villers-Marmery

Faverolles et Coëmy

1,75 hectares - 1 plot
Pinot Meunier : 1,75 ha

Exposure : South, South-West

Having taken advantage of a vineyard sale targeted at young winegrowers, I was lucky to get 1.75 hectares of vines in Faverolles & Coëmy in 1994.

This lovely town, at the bottom of the Ardre Valley, dedicates the 76 hectares of a south facing slope to the cultivation of vines. Meunier is representing 80% of the vines, as a king.

On the top of the hill, the vine is laid on a limestone bed, which is covered with a fine layer of calcareous sand on the slope. Our plot runs from the top to the middle of the hillside and our Meunier vines take advantage of this limestone subsoil, so rare for this grape variety.

All this gives it exotic freshness, versatility and a fruity fluidity that you find in our single grape variety plot.

Enjoy our champagnes from the vineyards of Faverolles & Coëmy

The appearance of this area consists of a series of slopes and winding and asymmetrical valleys where vineyards and villages cohabit. Verzenay and Verzy are backed by the forest and dominate the vineyards, while Villers-Marmery is further down and surrounded by vines.