our history

In 1890, when the vast majority of the Champagne grapes were bought by the big houses, three winegrowing friends in Verzenay decided to retain part of their harvest to start their own winemaking. One of them was Gaston Henriet, my great-grandfather the Champagne Henriet was born!

1930 – 1962

The beginnings
of champagne Henriet Bazin

His son Robert, my grandfather, took over in 1930. He continued the work, took care of the vineyard to develop sales more and more. Then, he went to fairs in Paris and Lille and built a good part of his customer base there. At this time, almost half of the harvest was already kept for the production of the Champagne made in-house.

1962 – 1991

The union of two terroirs

In 1962 my father Daniel, then 16, decided to dedicate his life to the vines and wine. He joined his two brothers to work. A few years later he met Mademoiselle Micheline Bazin, a winegrower in Villers-Marmery, who he married in 1968. The union of the two terroirs gave birth to Champagne Henriet-Bazin. At this time, the vineyard counted 6 hectares of vines classified Grand Cru and Premier Cru that go from the buttress walls north of the Verzenay Mill to the base of the southern slopes of Villers-Marmery, passing through Verzy.

1991 – today

Develop family business

When I arrived on the estate in 1991, I convinced my father to vinify our entire crop. I took care of marketing side. Barely 3 years after my arrival, I had the chance to buy 1.75 hectares of vines in Pinot Meunier in the villages of Faverolles & Coëmy which allowed me to expand our range of grape varieties. Trade is growing, and I opened onto exportation. Aware of the environment since my youngest age, I have modified the look of the vineyard and gradually introduced ploughing and grassing that are now done on all of our plots.


The more I do for my plots, the more the vines give me back. I am lucky to obtain beautiful wines with superbly typical characteristics that are allowed to express themselves in wines that pay homage to them. Single grape varieties, single terroirs and great vintages strengthen our historical range...
The sequel, we are going to write it together.