North-East exposure for the main slope. The erosion of the slope has left 3 deep hilltops separated by ditches, or depressions, carved out by rivers that have now disappeared.

The slopes extend their ridges between 110 and 200m on orientations that open towards the North-West and South-East. The soils of the town have followed the general erosion specific to this geographical area, made up of ridges and valleys that run eastwards and follow one another every 150 to 200 meters approximately.

They are composed of silty clays quite deep between the promontories and whose thicknesses increase towards the plain, whereas they are much thinner as one approaches the top of the fingers. The vines must explore deeper fine loam and agile soils before they find pure chalk. The aromas linked to minerality are therefore slightly less present during tasting.

On the other hand, the thick soils give roundness and character to the wines of this terroir, and are always accompanied by great elegance.

Our plots are distributed equally over all horizons. The Pinot Noir is on the north of the village, sometimes at the top of the fingers on the bottom of the valley for the vines which adjoin the Verzenay terroir, or halfway looking south for those located at the bottom of the village. Regarding the grape variety, Pinot Noir is the majority, and we find Chardonnay north of the village, near the territory of Villers-Marmery on plots halfway up the hillside …

In all cases, the soil at the ideal thickness for that the vine draws power and roundness from it when it traverses it during its exploration towards the subsoil, without having to probe too deeply to penetrate the subsoil where it finds the chalk pure and well structured which offers all its elegance and vibration.

The beautiful sunshine from the east and south-east provides all the energy the vines need to grow grapes with round and greedy aromas, a sign of their perfect maturity. Very & Verzenay are the perfect pair where the powerful aromas of earth and the mineral freshness of subsoil chalk are balanced, combined with the elegance of the fine elements of the soil.