Grand Cru, Premier Cru, 3 grape varieties, 4 villages, 36 plots, and much more ...

We work our 7.75 hectares of vines including 6 hectares (34 plots) spread over the north-eastern flank of the Montagne de Reims and 1.75 hectare in the Ardre valley.
The vineyard is historically located on the Montagne de Reims and our vines are spread between Verzenay and Verzy, classified Grand Cru as well as Villers-Marmery, classified Premier Cru, where our estate is located.

However, our terroir goes far beyond the name of our plots, the grape variety they bear or the village from which they come.

Over time, we have discovered that the taste of our land is also linked to a mosaic of natural geological elements such as the soil, the subsoil, the altitude, the orientation and even the slope of the plots. These links with the land greatly influence our vines and also our wines. This is the reason why we vinify by plot, or by geographic area.

Next comes the meteorological singularity of each year. It is then the climate which, through the temperatures of spring, the periods of precipitation, and the moments of strong heat, will guide the spirit of our wines.

Finally, the energies of our soils, its interactions with the moon, our connection to the earth, and the state of mind in which it finds itself will offer that almost imperceptible little extra that makes all the difference

The geological components of our terroirs having been implemented for millions of years, it is quite easy to present them to you. What about the others? Well, only the tasting will make you fully appreciate them.

To achieve this, we place great importance on every step and ensure that the land, the vineyard and the wine feel good.


Map of our parcels:

The geology of our villages:

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